The Best Palladian Style Houses to Visit in the UK

The Best Palladian Style Houses to Visit in the UK

One of the most important architectural styles to arise in England in the early 17th century was the “Palladian” style, derived from the work of 16th-century Venetian architect Andrea Palladio. Palladianism was first pioneered in England by celebrated architect Inigo Jones, who drew on Palladio’s work when building The Queen’s House in Greenwich in 1616.


Whilst Palladianism fell out of fashion for a while during the Civil War, it returned in full force during the early 18th century as a reaction against the more flamboyant English Baroque style and began to be used in the designs for some of the most important homes around the country.


What are the key features of Palladianism?

The defining features of Palladian buildings are symmetry and proportion, inspired by the formal classical architecture from Greek and Roman traditions. Palladian buildings often had simple and at times slightly austere exteriors and were made to fit in seamlessly with their surroundings with façades of equal value so that all occupants of the house could enjoy the view from all angles.


Which Palladian style houses can you visit in the UK?

Some of the best examples of Palladian architecture in England include the Queen’s House in Greenwich, Chiswick House in west London, and Harewood House in Yorkshire. Our HeritageX houses are home to some of England’s finest examples of Palladian architecture too.

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Holkham Hall, Norfolk

Holkham Hall in Norfolk has often been described as “the most splendid example of Palladian architecture in England,” and it’s not hard to see why. This glorious home, designed by Palladian architect Lord Burlington and landscape artist William Kent, perfectly captures Palladio’s vision of classical symmetry and balance. The façades are in exact proportion to one another, and the classical pillared portico and curved Venetian windows are wonderfully evocative of the Greco-Roman architecture from which they draw their inspiration.

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The Best Palladian Style Houses to Visit in the UK

Knowsley Hall, Merseyside

Knowsley Hall is a rare bird in that it is a real mix of different architectural styles that have appeared as it has been altered throughout the years. One of the finest alterations happened in the 18 th -century when the main body of the house was rebuilt in the Georgian style and an elegant Palladian colonnade was built on the south side of the façade overlooking the beautiful lakes.

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Lamport Hall, Northamptonshire

Not quite classically Palladian but certainly Palladian-inspired, Lamport Hall is the architectural work of John Webb, who was a student of Palladian pioneer Inigo Jones. Drawing from Jones’s work, Webb created an Italianate structure with Venetian-styl windows and a colonnaded portico framing the entrance.

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